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SiteLine offers a selection of services to insurance companies including Personal Property and Commercial Surveys, Re-Inspections, Miscellaneous Reports and Supplements, Re-Evaluation Projects and Management Reports. SiteLine also has the capability to create custom reports and forms to better suit our client’s specific needs.

Personal Property Surveys

  • Exterior Survey
Exterior report to determine if there are any hazards/sub-standard conditions or liability concerns, photos, diagram and MS&B calculated replacement cost with ITV%.
  • Interior Survey
Interior report to determine if there are any hazards/sub-standard conditions or liability concerns to the interior of the dwelling. This type of report is usually combined with an Exterior Survey.

Note: Exterior and Interior Surveys can both be reported with or without replacement cost information.

  • High Value Survey
Interior and Exterior report including a narrative description of the dwelling, multiple photos, diagram and MS&B High Value replacement cost with ITV%.
  • Commercial Survey
Siteline reports on both Specific and Class Rated risks with the ability to customize the report to suit your needs.
  • Re-Inspection
Report to determine if hazards, sub-standard conditions and or liability concerns have been corrected.
  • Miscellaneous Reports and Supplements
These reports/supplements include but are not limited to – Electrical & Heating, Wood Stove, Water Exposure, Canine and Photo Only.
  • Re-Evaluation Projects
Siteline conducts projects to help our client’s update their existing book of business to (a) confirm that the dwelling is insured to value (b) report on additions made to the dwelling since the prior inspection and (c) expose any hazard/conditions that could cause a loss or make the risk unacceptable. These projects have proven to be very advantageous to our current client’s loss prevention and ROI. Documentation can be provided upon request.

Management Reports

Our Information Technology department has the ability to assist our client’s in any way needed to fully integrate and support the inspection process along with providing the following Management Reports:

  • Agency report cards and comparison reports based on hazards and ITV differences which allow the client to analyze their agent’s performance.
  • Hazard and ITV Summary reports are used to analyze the client’s renewal program ROI.
  • Regional reporting capabilities allow the client to focus on specific geographic locations including counties, states, zip codes and map searching.
  • Ability for the client to search and report based on individual hazard types, ITV and ROI differences, agents, underwriters and more.